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We offer premium therapeutic services that fit the needs of patients of any age. In our Japanese oriented Centre, highly trained specialists will guide you towards a better life, may that be prevention, treatment, recovery or bettering performance in sports.

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Our team is made of professionals trained in doing good.

Our working method is holistic, meeting the present requirements of natural medicine, bettering health in non-invasive ways by shaping the body.

We seek the causes of the imbalance and we asses them, treating the body of the patient as a whole and not just the diagnosis he or she may carry. We cooperate with trustworthy medical professionals (physicians, medical doctors).

We are aware that the modern environment affects our health and well being. The work conditions the environment at home, the physical condition, the postural habits, the eating habits, the emotional connections and the thinking patterns – all of these reverberate in our muscles and articulations.

Our mission is to obtain through therapy the profound state of muscular relaxation and the postural balance that regenerate the well being, and then to maintain this state and guide the patient towards full health.

About the Team


Customised treatment
You will receive a fully individualised treatment package
The equilibrium clinic
Japanese peace and harmony in the centre of Bucharest
Trained (licensed) therapists
Your treatment will be applied by trained specialists only
Interdisciplinary cooperation
We work in teams with medical professionals
Experienced team
Our therapists are certified.
Traditional therapy
Yumeiho has passed the test of time.

Why Yumeiho?

Yumeiho therapy, who can benefit from it?

If you wish to be in perfect shape and perform best in all that you do, if you want to move freely without being annoyed by unbearable back pains, then Yumeiho therapy will become the partner of your health.
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The importance of a correct posture

A correct posture is important from an aesthetic point of view, most of us might say. Yet, it is also important from a medical point of view.
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Why learn Yumeiho?

It's a natural question, due to the fact that there are many courses on the market, time and financial resources are limited and the need to become effective in the shortest possible time is a real one.
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Yumeiho in sports

In the case of performance sports, physical wear of the body appears fairly quickly and is accelerated by the presence of postural imbalances. All this negatively affects the competitive results.
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Whether your problems are caused by deficient posture, sports or work, or you need rapid recovery, we are here to help you.

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