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Yumeiho® is a traditional Japanese therapy for posture recovery, symmetry and freedom of body movement.

The results are: pain relief, improved health and quality of life in all of its sectors.

Special techniques and massage procedures as well as other manual therapeutic applications included in Yumeiho® practice derive from elements of traditional Chinese medicine (such as the Zheng Ti Fa ancestral practice - manual therapeutic applications practiced in the famous SHAO-LIN Monastery) and Japanese (techniques Seitai, Shiatsu, etc.).

SHUICHI OHNO, the Japanese master of Anma and Seitai Taiso, has studied for long time the Chinese manual therapies. In 1948, the master introduced these methods into practice and training in his Dojo in Japan.

Master Dr. SAIONJI MASAYUKI, student of OHNO Master, has studied oriental traditional therapeutic practices over 20 years. As a result of their systematization and improvement, YUMEIHO THERAPY was created, the full name being KOTSUBAN YUMEIHO TAISO. It can also be seen as YUMEIHO - DO.

Master Dr. Saionji Masayuki is considered the founder of Yumeiho therapy.

YUMEIHO therapy is widespread at the international level through the INTERNATIONAL PREVENTIVE PRACTICE MEDICAL INSTITUTE in NAGAOKA - JAPAN.

Yumeiho therapy has been practiced in over 30 countries, in various medical centers, private clinics, medical centers, or medical research institutions where clinical experience and investigations by scientific methods have proven the complexity and the multitude of beneficial effects of this therapy.