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Yumeiho® is a traditional Japanese therapy designed to straighten the physical posture and to recover the body’s symmetry and freedom of movement.

It is the medical art of an upstanding and harmonious body.

Health depends on the state of balance: postural, emotional and inner self.

Yumeiho therapy aims to recover and correct the body posture, the position of the centre of gravity, the right balance of the pelvic bones and of the spine. The result is the visible improvement of the quality of life in all aspects.

Yumeiho therapy helps eliminating or meliorating a wide range of conditions that can cause acute illnesses or chronic diseases

This manual therapy combines Chinese and Japanese traditional procedures as THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE, STRETCHING, ACUPRESSURE, PASSIVE MYO-ARTICULAR GYM, OSTEOARTICULAR MANIPULATION TECHNIQUES. With the elegance and refinement of the Japanese arts, Yumeiho blends over 100 basic procedures that are used on the entire body aiming to obtain full functional balance.

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