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Yumeiho therapy, who can benefit from it?

If you wish to be in perfect shape and perform best in all that you do, if you want to move freely without being annoyed by unbearable back pains, then Yumeiho therapy will become the partner of your health.

Both active people and more sedentary ones can benefit fully from Yumeiho therapy.

Those who work in the office and are deskbound: you will finally forget the pains and the limited ability to move around due to static work and incorrect postures that have put unequal pressure on your different bodyparts. Your focus will improve and when you’ll go to sleep you’ll be able to rest.

Those who practice sports: you’ll soon reach your optimal physical shape as your breathing capacity will remarkably increase, you’ll be able to use your full physical and mental potential to achieve performance.

Those who are parents of kids and teenagers: you will see them develop their bodies harmoniously. And if deficiencies appear, their recovery is easier. Prevention is easier to do than treatment: it is wiser to shape a growing body so that it becomes a healthy adult then to work hard to recover affected bones and joints.

Those who deal with high stress levels: Yumeiho will help you achieve deep relaxation and to clear your mind, will improve the quality of your sleep and will increase your ability to make good decisions.

Yumeiho techniques will prove beneficial for those with statics and dynamics affections: scoliosis, kyphosis, hyperlordosis, basal asymmetries, associated neurological disorders, back pains etc. Depending on the stage of the affection, Yumeiho techniques can help ameliorate the symptoms or prevent their aggravation, while the pains considerably diminish and even disappear completely.

Those suffering from articular affections like discarthrosis, vertebral arthrosis, coxarthrosis, discopathy, herniated disc etc. will recover their functional balance as they will regain regular muscle tone and fluids circulation. Yumeiho diminishes the symptoms and creates the premises of recovery or, in some cases, it   slows the evolution of the affection.

Those who wish to redefine their body architecture and posture will soon observe they have a better stance, they become taller and more flexible, and that their whole bodies are harmonious. The body scheme will restructure due to the regained posture balance and the self awareness will improve due to the working methodology that requires specific massage techniques to be applied to the entire body.

Yumeihois beneficial for everyone because health, well being, inner peace and freedom of movement are invaluable.


Roxana Necula, Yumeiho therapist and instructor, 5 DAN